Atlantic City, Mar. 21

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iTunes Album Art courtesy of msdarcy, #1 photo credits incinerated when I put this on the back burner, sorry. Claim them if you like and I'll credit you in my photobucket description, #2 photo credits to ReallyCookin.


Heroes [Good audio] [MP3]

We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping [MP3]

Mr. Sensitive [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

Breathe Tonight [Good audio] [MP3]

Souvenir [very good audio] [MP3]

Man in the Box [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

The World I Know [Good audio] [MP3]

Permanent [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

Declaration [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

Come Back To Me [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

Light On [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

Bar-ba-sol [Good audio] [MP3]

Hot For Teacher [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]

A Daily AntheM [With banter] [Good audio] [MP3]