Memphis, Apr. 11

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iTunes Album Art courtesy of msdarcy, photo credit to jen.


The World I Know

Heroes [With banter]

Mr. Sensitive

Life on the Moon

Lie [With banter]

Straight Ahead

Kiss on the Neck [With banter]

My Last Request [With banter]

Hot For Teacher [With banter]

Come Back To Me [With banter]

Bar-ba-sol [With banter]

Light On [With banter]


  1. The World I Know
  2. Heroes [With banter] [Bad audio]
  3. Mr. Sensitive [Bad audio]
  4. Life on the Moon
  5. Lie [With banter]
  6. Straight Ahead
  7. Kiss on the Neck [With banter]
  8. My Last Request [With banter] [Bad audio]
  9. Hot For Teacher [With banter] [Bad audio]
  10. Come Back To Me [With banter] [Bad audio]
  11. Bar-ba-sol [With banter] [Bad audio]
  12. Light On [With banter] [Bad audio]
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