Tulsa, Jun. 23

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iTunes Album Art courtesy of msdarcy, photo credits to chartwell.


Heroes [Partial]

Breathe Tonight [With banter]


Kiss on the Neck

'Til I'm Blue [With banter]


Shattered Dreams [With banter]

Come Back To Me

Light On [Partial]

A Daily AntheM [With banter]


Man in the Box (Acoustic)

Heroes (Acoustic)

Make Me [Andy's vocals]

Little Lies (Acoustic)

Light On (Acoustic) [Partial]

Breathe [With Ryan Star]

A Dream of My Own [With banter] [Andy's vocals]


  1. Heroes [Partial] [Bad audio]
  2. Mr. Sensitive
  3. Breathe Tonight [With banter]
  4. Lie
  5. Kiss on the Neck
  6. 'Til I'm Blue [With banter]
  7. Bar-ba-sol
  8. Shattered Dreams [With banter]
  9. Come Back To Me
  10. Light On [Partial]
  11. A Daily AntheM [With banter]
  1. Man in the Box (Acoustic)
  2. Heroes (Acoustic)
  3. Make Me [Andy's vocals]
  4. Little Lies (Acoustic)
  5. Light On (Acoustic) [Partial]
  6. Breathe [With Ryan Star]
  7. A Dream of My Own [With banter] [Andy's vocals]
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