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The first time David sang it on The Declaration Tour - 2009 was in Tallahasse, on Feb. 13.

Best audio files:
Baton Rouge, Jul. 04 [With banter]
Chattanooga, Jul. 08 [With banter]
Ledyard, Aug. 01
Knoxville, Aug. 14 [With banter]

Good audio files:
Biloxi, Feb. 14
Oxford, Feb. 15 [With banter]
Fulton, Feb. 24 [With banter]
Newburg, Mar. 01 [With banter]
Morgantown, Mar. 06 [With banter]
Niagara Falls, Mar. 13
Atlantic City, Mar. 21 [With banter]
New York, May 22
Northampton, May 23 [With banter]
Del Mar, Jun. 18 [With banter]
Bonner Springs, Jun. 20 [With banter]
Lansing, Jul. 10 [With banter]
Chesaning, Jul. 11 [With banter]
Chicago, Jul. 12 [With banter]
Harrington, Jul. 27 [With banter]
Sayreville, Jul. 30 [With banter]
Bethlehem, Aug. 03 [With banter]
Pittsburgh, Aug. 04 [With banter]
Lewisburg, Aug. 15 [With banter]
Idaho Falls, Sep. 02 [With banter]

Other files:
Tallahasse, Feb. 13
Green Bay, Feb. 20 [With banter]
Waverly, Feb. 23 [Partial]
Conway, Feb. 25 [With banter]
Brookville, Mar. 02 [With banter]
New Jersey, Mar. 07 [With banter]
Manila, May 16
New Haven, May 24
Elyria, May 26 [With banter]
Springfield, May 27
Newark, May 28
Virginia Beach, May 30
Tulsa, Jun. 23 [With banter]
Oklahoma City, Jun. 24 [With banter]
Thackerville, Jul. 03
Des Moines, Jul. 16
Sioux City, Jul. 17 [With banter]
Indianapolis, Jul. 19 [With banter]
Covington, Jul. 20 [With banter]
Mahnomen, Jul. 22 [With banter]
Milwaukee, Jul. 23 [With banter]
Monticello, Jul. 25 [With banter]
Harrington, Jul. 27 [Partial]
Alexandria, Jul. 29 [With banter]
Philadelphia, Jul. 31 [With banter]
New York, Aug. 06 [Partial]
Perrysburg, Aug. 09
Ventura, Aug. 12
Los Angeles, Sep. 09
York, Sep. 18 [With banter]
Atlantic City, Sep. 26 [With banter]

Worse audio files:
Galvaston, Jul. 05 [With banter]
Duluth, Jul. 15 [Partial]