Man in the Box

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Man in the Box is a Alice in Chains's song that David Cook sang for the first time on The Declaration Tour - 2009 in Tallahasse, on Feb. 13.

Tulsa, Jun. 23
Montreal, Oct. 02 [With banter]
Ottawa, Oct. 03 [With banter]

Best audio file:
Lewisburg, Apr. 04

Good audio files:
Tallahasse, Feb. 13
Cedar Falls, Feb. 19
Atlantic City, Mar. 21 [With banter]
Athens, May 04 [With banter]
Elyria, May 26 [Partial]
Idaho Falls, Sep. 02 [With banter]
Bloomsburg, Sep. 28

Other files:
Poughkeepsie, Mar. 10
Macomb, Apr. 14
Little Rock, Apr. 29
Northampton, May 23
Newark, May 28
Denver, Jun. 26 [With banter]
Break Creek, Jun. 28 [With banter]
San Diego, Sep. 10 [With banter]